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The “Berlin Declaration” is a document that calls for the end of the War on Drugs, whose failure has already been widely recognized. It emerged as an idea at a meeting in Berlin due to shared concern about the massive and excessive human rights abuses caused by current drug policies in many countries where millenary plants were banned, mainly in Latin America and Southeast Asia .

The Berlin Declaration is a global document promoted by the Evangelical Protestant Church of El Salvador (IEPES) as a gesture for the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Presented at an event on Drug Policy and Human Rights titled: “Christians demand: Stop the War on Drugs. An unconventional contribution to Kirchentag “, at the Hemp Museum in Berlin. A side event organized by IEPES with the support of local communities under the Kirchentag 2017 in Berlin, so the statement impacts the macro structures that ignore the importance of a strategic issue for development, health and safety of our societies.

It seeks to be a useful and effective tool of lobbying and advocacy in the international debate on drug policy reform.

The organizations, institutions, religious leaders, academics, scientists, specialists, social leaders and activists who signed the document express their commitment to the “reform of the current international model of drug control”, focusing on the negative consequences of existing drug policies, promoting harm reduction, scientific research and combating large-scale drug trafficking.

The Berlin Declaration arises in the face of the urgent need to create a common front from civility to end the nefarious War on Drugs.

The illegal business, the economic resources it entails and the human costs of the “War on Drugs” go beyond homicides, corruption and other forms of crime. For example, arms trafficking, sexual exploitation of minors, trafficking of persons and human tissue. This perverse war involves a global incalculable economic investment. It covers military, police and judicial costs that seek to suppress illicit drug trafficking, increase persecution and punishment of producers, traffickers and consumers, the latter being the most processed.

With the support of the Protestant Evangelical Church of El Salvador (IEPES), the declaration is born out of the initiative and effort of Theol. Daniela Kreher, Rev. Martin Diaz and Pastor Michael Kleim who have specialized in human rights and drug policy from a youth ministry perspective.

With the Berlin Declaration, we bring together the broadest spectrum of civility at a global level to achieve real political impact toward the signing of the new United Nations Political Declaration on drug control in 2019.

The Berlin Declaration has the backing of more than 80 organizations from all five continents: the IDPC (International Drug Policy Consortium), DPA (Drug Policy Alliance), Akzept (Germany), faith communities such as the Anglican Episcopal Church of El Salvador, the Metropolitan Community Church, and by dozens of personalities including Noam Chomsky, David Nutt and Alejandro Solalinde to mention a few. (Updated on 5/5/2017)

The site will be enabled for the dissemination of the declaration, and a space will be available for any organization or individual to be able to adhere to the Berlin Declaration until April 2019.

Contact for interviews and more information:

Contact in German Rvda. Daniela Kreher / Pastor Michael Kleim

Contact in Spanish: Rvdo. Martin Diaz

Contact in English: Victor Aragón


Berlin Declaration

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