The Berlin Declaration is a document of high impact and global reach that brings together organizations, communities, representatives of the most diverse sectors of society and activists from all over the world. The statement is a blow to macro structures that ignore the significance of the Reform to the Current Model of Drug Control; A strategic issue for the development, health and safety of our societies.

The Berlin Declaration is a tool for advocacy at the highest level in favor of civil society, so any organization, institution or company with a social purpose can adhere to the declaration. This document also seeks to bring together the adherents of social, academic, scientific, religious, activist, business, law enforcement and political leaders.

What do you expect to adhere to?

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The Berlin Declaration is promoted by the Iglesia Evangélica Protestante de El Salvador (IEPES) within the framework of the 500 years of the Protestant Reformation and in view of the United Nations Political Declaration on Drug Control in 2019.

You can disseminate the statement with organizations and individuals that you think may be adhered to. You can also share the Berlin Declaration through your local social networks and media.

You can make your donations via Paypal or through a bank transfer. If you would like to know more about the work of Advocacy for Drug Policy Reform you can write to: mdiaz@esiglesia.org

Account name “Kommunität Grimnitz” in the Berliner Volksbank Bank
Donation for: drug policy project.
IBAN: DE98 1009 0000 3692 1470 05

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